Using manually measured motor separation in autocal

Is it possible to manually specify the motor separation and still do the autocal? I’ve never succeeded in doing calibration unless I start from the very beginning and you cannot change the measurement from the autocal routine.

Is it possible to go through the first steps and once it asks you to review the measurements, to back out, manually change the measurements, go back to autocal and just skip steps until you get back to where you were?

Alternatively, if I put the zero tooth of the sprockets to 12 o’clock, put the ends of the chain on the top tooth, how do I get Maslow to recognize that its in that configuration. Will wiping EEPROM do that? If so, I think I could then skip the first steps and go straight to the final part of the calibration and the chains would be fed out to the correct length.

Yes, the auto-cal brings the values from the settings page and uses those if you skip a step. Just edit the motor spacing before doing the auto-cal and skip over that step, you should see your setting in the summary.
That said, the very recent work with gear ratio should make a difference with this measurement :smile:

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But should the end of the chain be on the 12 o’clock sprocket or hanging down to the work surface level (which is where it would be if I had actually done the measurement steps)?

Not entirely sure I follow, but the present position of the chain is tracked. If you haven’t done any of the steps that involve picking the chain off the sprockets, it know where they are. If you’ve moved them for the chain calibration, it knows as well. I often open auto-cal and skip through to the chain calibration to run that, then leave, or skip to the calibration cuts.
I’ll be runnung the whole thing today after grabbing the current dev versions of GC and firmware and editing the Advanced setting for Encoder Steps to 8114.

Yeah, I’m not being clear… let me try again. So, let’s say I have a machine in a completely unknown state (let’s say the chains fell off the sprockets and nothing has been marked), but I know with complete confidence the distance between the motors and the height of the motors above the work surface. Therefore, I go into settings and manually apply those distances. When I go to autocal, I skip the first steps until it shows me what my measurements all. Now, autocal wants to feed out chain so I can attach my chain to the sled and center it. But, I haven’t put the chains on the sprockets yet. Where do I put them? Had I gone through the entire autocal process from the beginning, the left chain would have been fed out to the top of the work surface and the right chain would have been on the 12 o’clock tooth. Do I put the left chain on so the end is level with the top of the work surface or do I put it on the 12 o’clock tooth? By skipping steps, does the controller really know that’s where the chain is? Maybe it thinks its in the last place it was before the chains came off?

Instead, what if I instead put the sprockets to 12 o’clock and put the chains on the top tooth and then wipe the EEPROM. Would the controller then know the chain ends are where they are (on the top tooth at 12 o’clock)? If so, I think I could skip all the way to the sled centering part. At least that’s my theory.

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Using the chain cal, set the first link and zero the tooth as shown in the picture. With the teeth at 12 o’clock and the first links on those teeth, clicking the zero button resets the chain position to zero counts from the end. The Kinematics measures from that 12 o’clock position.

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Do the first step to set it to zero and then skip the measurement steps? Ok… duh. (can’t find emoji with a dunce cap)

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