Using Multiple computers with Ground Control


I am trying to use multiple computers with Ground Control. My student and I both have Surface Pros. I have the Arduino and Ground Control on my computer and it talks to the Maslow fine. My student has the same Surface Pro without Arduino and she can get Ground Control to work independently, but not connect to the Maslow. Is there something we are missing? Could there be a COM port defined differently (thats the only thing I can think of)?

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I think you’ve solved your own question :grinning:…there is a COM port to select. You can find it by clicking Actions → Ports

A better solution might be to copy the GroundControl.ini file which stores all of your settings from one computer to the other. It can be found in your home directory (usually C:/users/yourname). That will bring with it not only the right COM port to connect on, but also all the calibration information about the machine’s dimensions


I use a Raspberry Pi - Running the Ubuntu with a remote desktop. I’m working on a solution I’m going to call “Fresh Whip Cream” to distribute this it. An update to the Raspberry Pi product line a few days ago caused a snag for the new hardware and I’m doing some testing. You need a Raspberry Pi B3 not B3+ at this time. Also you would need a Wifi network to connect to. This would allow you to connect from a popular protocol called VNC. This way your students would be able to share a single machine keeping your settings all in one place.

You can see some information on it here:

and here

the hardware list you would need : Raspberry Pi 3B ~$35, 32 GB microSD card ~$20, Wifi router ~$20, 2.5 A 5V power supply ~$10

Hdmi screen and Keyboard for 1 time setup

If you are interested i would be happy to help you.

Thank you


Yes, absolutely! I am up for this. This would make everything much simpler.

I’ve sent a PM to work further on this with you.

Thank you