Has tragedy Struck Metalmaslow

Does anyone know @Metalmaslow, or a way to contact them? I placed, and paid for an order on March 14th, got an email saying a shipping label was created on the 17th and then nothing. I’ve emailed twice and sent a message on Facebook. No response. All I’m looking for is a simple update on my order. Thanks for any help!

Welcome to the community, Type540.

From what I gather reading the forums (I bought a used one, but was leaning on ordering from him) is that @Metalmaslow does this as a side gig and usually sends everything out in batches. He hasn’t been the fastest to ship or communicate. But, It seems that everyone that has ever ordered did receive it and I believe that they are all happy with the product.

I truly hope nothing has happened to him.



we will get it out this week sorry for delay.

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Thanks for the reply. No worries on the delay. I know sourcing materials and what not is a huge pain right now. I was starting to wonder if maybe something had happened after not hearing from you.

Thanks again. Looking forward to getting it up and going!

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Same thing happened here, ordered back in March, got a tracking number that label was created then nothing but crickets. Finally dinged them/him and got an email April 5 that they would ship next day. Tracking number still shows only label, emailed gain, more crickets.

@Metalmaslow is really bad at communication and follow through. I got an email on the 8th saying they would ship by Monday (the 11th) I emailed @metalmaslow on the 15th when I saw there was no update to the tracking information, and have received to response. How is @metalmaslow still in business with this kind of terrible customer service? Is the product really good enough to justify all this?

No! There is no excuse… but he will have plenty I promise you!

the maslow is all opensource, you are free to start selling and shipping kits

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It’s tempting… Going on 50 days since the order was placed. 21 days since he said it would ship at the latest, and still nothing. Unbelievable.

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COVID, supply chain disruptions, and Russian sanctions could have pushed it to around 180 day processing time. 180 more days for shipment by the Pony Express. Who knows.

But I do think his product for the money is the best deal for the Maslow. Hope you get yours soon.

dealing with parts/material sourcing on a daily basis I fully understand the hurdles in today’s world. I fully understand that this is some sort of side job.

He said it would ship 3 weeks ago… This is after almost 3 weeks of NO communication. I don’t understand why people tolerate, or make excuses for this kind of behavior. All it requires is a little bit of communication. People are understanding if issues are communicated

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Very True

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I just replied to an email from MetalMaslow. I disputed the charge on my credit card and it evidently got their attention.

n May 6, 2022, at 06:56, khan dam info@metalmaslow.com wrote:

we have refunded your order
in the future please just ask for a refund
now we have to pay $15 charge back fee and have a negative rating on our credit.
small business like ours can’t afford the negative rating as just 2% dispute ratio can close account down. now I have to do 98 orders perfectly to make up for your one complaint.


Exactly my intention, I had asked several times as to when you were going to ship the item I ordered in early March. It is now May, you stated in an email on April 5 you would ship next day. If you could not honor the order you should have said so and refunded my money. Simple as that. Your customer service leave a lot to be desired.

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Yep. I’ve had to do the same thing. It’s disappointing. Virtually no communication from the guy.

Agreed, would have much rather had the metal sled, guess I’ll have to make my own now.

WOW! This guy is something else! Just got this email from @Metalmaslow. I guess he doesn’t understand when there is no communication and promises are not kept there is no recourse except to dispute a charge. And if they can’t afford a negative rating as stated one wonders how they reconcile their customer service which can be summed up as caveat emptor.

From @Metalmaslow :
no problem please buy stuff from our competitor makermade, Their kit is $1300 and for the extra $700 they charge I’m guessing you might get faster customer service. I have no desire to work with customers that purposely hurt our credit when we would gladly refunded you. bye.

He’s probably still moving from 2 years ago.

Virtually no communication, over promised, and under delivered, 2 months of waiting, but the kit finally arrived… Seems like a solid setup. Couple of cheesy things. Repurposed Dell power supply, and the “box” for the Arduino… Whatever.

Time to get it put together, and start using it !


Glad it finally arrived

Honestly the Dell power supply is probably a good thing. There is most likely better quality control as a Dell product over something more generic and cheaper from China.

Doesn’t the Dell power supply put out 19 V for the laptop power? Most Maslow systems run on 12V. Would it matter for the stock motor? There was some discussion a while back about going to 24V for “better” motor performance…

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