Wall Art Project: Bull

After lots of frustration after my favorite cam software went to charging. I forced myself to learn Fusion 360. Must admit the more I use it the more I like it.

Tha is my second Fusion 360 Project.

for so,e reason my slot measurements in CAD are 0.21". The plywood I used was 0.19". But the cut was 0.16 wide for the slots. I made a test cut and determined that 0.21 would work, lots of sanding make the slots work.

Also Fusion seams to create g code that’s kind of jerky for the Maslow. I noticed during the run that it sea,a that “y” coordinates are missing when it jerks. Anyone else experience this during use?


awesome! what happened to the horns? also please share in community garden if possible!

Are you using the generic grbl for the post processor?

I am using the only GRBL that was listed. I know I saw a YouTube video that a guy selected generic GRBL. But I don’t remember seeing that in my options.

Will double check tomorrow.

Final assembly

IMG_0528 IMG_0529


That is very nice. No bull. :slight_smile:


Very cool project. Was wondering how you managed to get the pieces to fit in the slots as I too had problems with accuracy when cutting a drawer with interlocking tabs. In my project each edge was 1/32" (0.03125") off which meant the interlock was 4 x off, as mine had both interlocking pieces being cut, and was 1/8" (0.125") too big overall.

I found settings in Fusion 360 -> 2D Contour -> Passes Tab -> Stock to Leave -> Radial & Axial Stock which might fix this problem.

These can be set to a negative value which will remove extra material from the inside of the selected path. I have not tried it yet so do not know if this work.

In your case you only have the slot cut in one piece and the other piece is fixed width. If I understand correctly your original CAD file had 0.19" slots that ended up being 0.16" when cut, which is error of 0.03", which you compensated for by making the slots in CAD at 0.21". So you could try a negative stock to leave of -0.03 / 2 = -0.015", For BOTH Axial and Radial, with your original CAD file.

This will remove 0.015" from the entire path, making your overall project that much smaller, but it should be a much easier fix then adjusting all the slots in CAD manually and will not be noticeable visually.

There is a GRBL file for the maslow. I can post it here when I get back to my computer.

Here it is

This is just a bit off topic…
I see a lot of members use Fusion 360.
When I go to use it, It’s a Paid Product $500 a year.
I don’t mind to pay, But I’m curious
How do you get Fusion 360 for Free?

I found this link on the forum with some good info.


Activate Fusion 360 Free for Student/Teacher/Non-commercial