Wall tilting frame

Going to stack 2ps of 2x8" to mount the motor on… then i am 6" in front of the frame…They are not going to flex…
Going to use a makita rt0700…

Some pictures.IMG_20180609_221518IMG_20180609_221429IMG_20180609_221438



Did not upgrade the firmware or software sins last post,but after upgrading now all is wrong…!


I like it so much. The only difference for what I had in mind is the dust collection, but I might copy your idea, because it looks better :slight_smile: . You will have a good advantage of keeping the weights closer to the sled. Cant weight to see some results.

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what problems are you having?

why did you angle the motors and mount them to blocks instead of having them on the top of the top beam?

Problem is that i had to to a new calibration, the sled ending up 20cm over center…And moving 100mm to one side messureing 92mm.

The motors have to be spaced out,any angle works here,i got the arduino over the board so that decided the angle for the motor(cable run)

Here is my sled…
the idea was that the 3 channels was there for not making a vacume,but did not work,had to open the air intake around the router a bit more…(1500w vacume)


Z axis parts.

Bore diameter 6mm (motor)

Bore diameter 8mm(c-beam)

T-nut for mounting the motor bracket on the c beam.

Working realy good… adjusting the c-beam bearigs and its rock solid…


Made this for a frend before the upgrade…


what are the dimensions that you have for motor spacing, etc

I like the look of that z-axis. Any chance you could post more details on it?

What do you need?
z part list is 3 post up…
Used this clamp,cut down to size…
Taking router in/out take 1 sec…


3301,6mm think this is max whitout extending the chains…

Got it working now…

Was mainly just looking for pictures to spur inspiration

can recommend this one,…only small adjustment of the bearings needed and its rock solid…

Ist a copy of this one.

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Uff Hessisch → Feddisch :smiley: (Good luck wit giggle translate. It does not speak hessian :rofl: )

I ordered both the open builds one and one from china and they are exactly the same. Only difference is the Chinese one is already put together and costs $44 shipped vs $100 shipped. The open builds one is also totally disassembled to my surprise . what bearings did you wind up adjusting?

that quick release router mount looks very nice. I assume you had to disassemble the black gantry plate and drill and tap some holes on the back of it to mount it to the z axis C beam? How has your maslow been working?

adjustment done as i the video…same time i fitted the clamp,

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thanks for the fast response. How is the Makita Router and z axis working out for you? any issues? I think I want to make a similar system. The Makita has good reviews on other CNC machines like Xcarve, MPCNC, and desktop machines.

Makita and z axis working good,no problem so far…

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Awesome build! Do you have any picture of the frame without the wast board? I am inspired to build one just like this!