Want to commission templates (Zip 01002)

Hi there,
I’m looking for someone in my general area to hire/commission to cut some templates for me.

you forgot to list what area you are in and what kind of material the templates will be made of?

Hi, thanks for the reply. The area is in the thread title, I am in zip code 01002. The material would be open for discussion as to what is the best template material. My thought would be 1/4” hard board or ply, but am open to options.

if the templates are smaller then 2x3 feet is pretty economical to shp them using parcelmonkey.com

Thanks again for the reply. The largest piece of the templates would be a larger than 2X3’, but I am certainly open to ideas to make the large pieces into multiple smaller pieces if you have some thoughts. Are you are interested in helping explore this? If so maybe we can take the conversation off the forum, my email address is: fishman43 at gmail dot com

sent email