Wanted New Maslow 4 ASAP for high school musical set design

Hi, everyone. This is my first post here, and we hope this is acceptable for this group. :sweat:

Our high school (Cedar Creek High School in Cedar Creek, Texas) is stuck in a bind. We have been closely following the development and also the delays.

We are building our set for Mamma Mia and expect to get the new Maslow. We have less than a month to complete it, as production is the last weekend of April. We have our frame and router ready so we can start the cutting.

If anyone has received their Maslow but does not have time immediately to put it together, we would be happy to purchase it from you or buy another one from the website.

My email is jackie.w.fullerton@gmail.com. If you have a kit, and if you can part with it, we will gladly purchase it. Thanks!!!


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I know it’s a long shot but I think there was a thread on here with a guy who received his and put it up for sale… May have been in the UK though. Maybe worth a message to him though if you’re that desperate, he could post it possibly

Found it…


Hi Jackie! your kit will go out today and should arrive by Wednesday or Thursday! you will get an automated tracking email in a few hours as well.


Thank you!!! We can’t wait!!! :blush: :star_struck:

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@jackie Your kickstarter account used to belong to @sourcery the owners of MakerMade and then a few weeks ago all of the information changed. What’s the back story there?

You wanted to donate Maslow4 machines and not MakerMade machines?

When the Kickstarter account switched from being your account to being her account why did the user photo, name, and email address all change, but the shipping address is still your house?

I sent a polite email to the school secretary asking for clarification.

:joy: It looks like we’ve been hoodwinked :joy:

What a bunch of melts at MakerMade.:melting_face: That’s well bad to make up a lie like that :joy: I hope you didn’t get one sent out to them :cry:

Yeah, that’s totally correct! It’s like you pick and choose who gets their kits delivered! Even when they’ve already been paid for in Kickstarter. FWIW, Maker Made does donate to K12 schools and did to Cedar Creek when I worked there and that’s not the point. The people who bought from our campaign to your Kickstarter received their kits. You just selectively hold back deliveries after saying all kits had been shipped. Why my husband got his kit and I did not.:thinking: There must be there some law against that? Not sure. But it’s precisely why I needed this thread and message on Kickstarter to establish that. :joy:

Jackie (now a marketing consultant for Maker Made)

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Did you just try to justify lying about the need for a maslow 4 for a school production (which doesn’t exist) in order to either get one for free one or get the one you ordered quicker? Unreal!


Additionally, I don’t know if your actions were made on behalf of Makermade or if it was personal. But it doesn’t matter, If I was your boss, I’d do 3 things. First change your title to Unmarketing Consultant, because that is exactly what you are doing. Second, fire you. Third, with your final check, I would pay for a free Ethics class from the local University.


The goal of this kind of maker community is to help each other.
Of course, if a hobbyist asks kindly for help finding a solution to complete a project on time, this is the kind of help a good community will provide. I would do the same!

A few months ago, I was browsing for a CNC and almost bought the M2 kit in sale. I’m glad I didn’t and instead preorder an M4. The Makermade reputation is getting worse every day. They does not provide anything good in the maker community.

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jackie, please apologize. your behavior is not acceptable.

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My apologies to the community. It achieved the purpose of getting to Anna and bar, it worked and I can’t now delete it. If you selectively chose not to deliver to backers,is that fair? Maybe illegal? They selectively chose not to deliver to backer numbers 186 & 206 after telling everyone insiders shipped. What scratches our head is a question of ‘why’ when MakerMade helped the campaign and build a community. The line is blurred to what is a community, a company and individuals. it is fair to say the community did not have a role into individual actions of Anna and bar. It shows theft and dishonesty in the way kickstarter campaigns work and the people delivering the rewards.

I guess we should have hung one of these.

All we want is absolute nothing to do with MakerMade. We just want to be left alone. Your behavior is continuously and repeatedly deplorable. Your only goal is to steal our ideas and give nothing back.


Sounds like it might be time to add a disclaimer to everything Maslow4 that there is no association or partnership with Makermade and anything purchased from them is not a maslow 4 nor will it be supported.

This craptastic company really needs to just go away… Lets copy others products, produce horrible so called “upgrades” and tell everyone to goto someone else for support when our product inevitably is a POS…

In fact I would start banning their IPs and associated emails etc


The lack of moral compass that Makermade / Sourcery / Travis Jeffery Weber have exhibited reinforces my belief you should license any software/hardware designs CC-BY-NC-SA, then you can sue him when (not if) they copy it. This will enable both the community and Maslow llc to grow and if you get sick of building machines you can always create commercial licenses for companies that aren’t run by leeches.

Oh you’re hilarious @jackie and you really need to go back to school (Elementary perhaps…?) and possibly look up the term “fraud” or “dishonesty” before you post your requests next time…

You’ve called a supplier for not delivering, yet you’re trying to obtain goods by deception … what if someone had offered their M4 for free…? Would you have taken it …?? As if you had, that would be goods by deception sweet cheeks … theft in old school language, and I’m sure you wouldn’t have come crying to say no-one is playing fair if they had …

Community is about people coming together for a common good, not trying to get one over on each other so please don’t try it on that you created this … if you’re in it for personal gain then at least be clear that you are, and don’t try hiding it behind a school sob story that actually erodes the whole purpose of community in the first place !!

I think the lesson here is play nicely or go home …