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Wanting to Buy offline copy of MakerCam

Does anyone have a copy of MakerCam that works on a Mac? Willing to buy a copy.

makercam is free, and there are copies around that you can download, but unless
you have a way to run flash, they are going to be useless to you. MakerCam is
dead not due to nything the author of it did, but because Adobe decided that
Flash was too expensive to make secure and all browsers decided to remove it
because of the security problems that it has.

It is possible to dig up old copies and make it work, but it’s going to be
rather difficult and hard to maintain, if you have to ask what’s involved in
doing it, you don’t have the epertise to keep it working.

David Lang

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here is the git repo for makercam MakerCAM · GitHub

I dont plan on running it on a computer that’s online. All my PCs are stand alone and offline and dedicated to a CNC machine. I could run MakerCam on each PC

you still will have to find a copy of flash and a browser old enough to run it
in. It’s the flash language interpreter that was shut down, not the makercam

David Lang