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PSA - MakerCAM users - Adobe is set to Shutdown Flash

Hi All,

If your Workflow includes MakerCAM you may want to find another CAM solution as Flash is about to be “Sunsetted”. It is unclear if there will be any replacement of MakerCAM.

Alternatively you can set up a copy of Flash and MakerCAM but at some point OS updates will probably kill that too. Flash is seen as a virus on certain levels so you can expect it to be Disabled upon Sunset by the manufacture.

Free advice - FWW

Thank you


No! What do you suggest for the humble Carpenter?

Oh boy, dark clouds at the sky. Though less than perfect, MakerCam worked for me well enough.
I guess it is time to look / shop around.
What other (free?) programs is everybody using?

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I did a quick research and came across this list of potentially useful free/open source CAM software. I have not tried any of these, but input from anybody that has would be really useful.

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And another Update:
Not sure if this works, but it might be worth a try for now. According to Mongo Man’s post, you can download makercam and use it offline. Let me know if that works for anybody.

Here is what he says:
MongoMan Version: 2014-01-05

I really like MakerCAM, and its even possible to use MakerCAM offline.

  1. get the stand alone version of adobes flash player
  2. get the makercam.swf file, with linux just type in your terminal
    on windows just use a download manager and download the swf file.
  3. Start the stand alone version of adobes flash player and drag and
    drop the swf file into it.
  4. Use it offline.
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Try Easel by Inventables (X-carve). Someone in the forum posted a good video on using it with the Maslow. You have to register but its free.

There are also some apps you can use to generate designs, also a Beta DXF importer.
I used the box generator app successfully.

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Running MakerCAM offline still requires flash

Adobe abandoning Flash does not mean it will go away immediately, it will still
be in use for years.

David Lang

So does that mean maker cam isn’t going anywhere for years?

Makercam has not moved for ~9 years and therefore deserves retirement. The github version you can/could download that runs local, has/had a fix for the metric 16 digits, that never made it to the website. You can create a virtual machine (VM), block internet but allow 1 local folder for your files and keep using it for as long as you have a backup of your hard-drive.

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I’ll continue hosting that latest github version of makercam at
for as long as anyone wants to use it. You should be able to run flash in one of the forks of firefox like palemoon even after adobe pulls support for it.


Can u help me i really need the makercam but when j try to open the links doesnt work link

Can u help me because i really need the programm but the link doesnt work

with flash disabled in all browsers, you are not going to get it to work.

David Lang

Krabzcam is similar to makercam and does not use flash.