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MakerCam is down HELP!

MakerCam went down yesterday and I don’t think it’s coming back. Is there a way to get it back or use it offline or something very similar to it?

I used Easel instead of MC. Easel was a lot easier and better to use. However, it is something that you have to pay for but there is a free trial.

Makercam us dead and gone, and will never work again. It’s gone to the same well earned retirement beach community as many other older defunct programs. Krabzcam is a rewrite in javascript and likely the closest free replacement. After chasing Easel’s regular problems in another forum I’d recommend you stay away from it, Carbide Create works well for many and skips the increasingly pay aspect of Easel. However you will trade Easel’s drag and droppy interface for something more traditional. Or check out krabzcam which gets good reports.

Thanks, I like the sound of Krabzcam and Carbide Create. I’ll try both. Its a shame about MakerCam, it was so easy and quick to use. Does anyone have an offline copy of MakerCam? I’d be willing to buy a version.

the problem is that makercam was written in flash, and flash is now dead and
removed from all browsers, so you can’t run it.

David Lang

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You can download it from their GitHub page GitHub - Jack000/PartKAM: A browser-based 2.5D CAM tool but @dlang is right that it might be hard to get it to run in a modern browser

Maybe that will work for me because as of Thursday the 19th I was still using MakerCam just fine, it only went down for me when MakerCam stopped their domain name registration with Go Daddy

Thanks for that but none of those links work anymore

May not be worth the effort but it is possible to run it in the Adobe debugger that is still downloadable.

Shapeoko still has a link to a standalone (compiled) SWF version of MakerCam on their Wiki.

Then download the ‘Flash Player projector content debugger’ from the Adobe website.

Run the Adobe player and select file, open the partkam.swf file you downloaded from Shapeoko.

Out of nostalgia I was able to run it on a Windows 10 PC. But as others have mentioned with so many other free or low cost options perhaps it’s time to move on.