Warning - heatsink may fall off

Watch cables for motors and z-axis. If cable lean on heat sink, even slight but constant push will cause glue to yield and heat sink to fell off. It happen to me!
I am illustrating correct cable mount. It is probably good idea to redesign future releases with connectors on side or not so close to heat sink


I’ve noticed this before too. I’ve just recently glued mine on with this stuff.

Also reorganizing my cables so they don’t push on the heatsinks.


You might want to look at this thread:

Thank you

I’ve decided to disign this maslow-arduino-case with two fans to refrigerate the heatsinks.

In my opinión the solution to prevent the fall off is to position the case in the horizontal position, because of gravity is the best option to prevent this.


I like that…

Very cool! (Pun intended).

I have a CO2 laser and about a thousand sheets of cast acrylic just itching for such a project. Care to share the design with the community?

…better save than sorry…:wink: