Maslow Headshrink and chip fell off

I was cutting a simple shape when my chain decided to tangle and locked my motor up. Afterwards my motor was failing motor/encoder test but when I switched left and right, it worked fine. Looked around and found this on the floor. Dont know if it was due to overheating or a bad solder joint. Has this happened to anyone else? Should I order a new Maslow Arduino Shield from the store? As a note, my order was from the latest batch


That’s a first. I would think it’s a bad solder connection. Can the chip generate enough heat to melt the solder? When it got tangled, did you hit stop?

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I didn’t notice it right away but yes. It seems to me the motor would fry itself before generating that much heat. @bar have you ever seen this?

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manufacturing error would be required to let that much heat build up that fast.

the motors are hard to damage compared to the chips.

e-mail Hannah and see what she can do to get you a new board.


Looks to me like the board was not processed properly during manufacture. Having a chip fall off like that suggests that the board did not reach the proper temperature in the reflow oven. The solder paste looks like it melted, but if it wasn’t at temperature long enough it might not have bonded to the pads on the board. The fabrication facility should be made aware of this failure. Hopefully it is a one off.

Out of curiosity, what was the orientation of the board? (i.e. was the heatsink facing down?)

I have the boards mounted to the back of the horizontal top beam with Bars bolt together frame. I have relayed the information to Hannah.

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I had a similar problem. I noticed the IC and heatshrink on the floor first.

I sent an email to Hannah as well detailing the problem.

were you also in the latest batch?

Yes I was. I received my kit on 3-29-2018.

I use silver thermal paste to adhere the heat sinks to the chip.

Silver Thermal Grease CPU Heatsink Compound Paste Syringe (5-pack)

It allows for heat transfer and bonds the materials together.

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I just received my Maslow couple weeks back. So I think it is latest batch.
Assembled, and today I was trying to set it up.
As it was powered up and I was doing settings in the computer the chip with heatsink fell off.
Is there anything that can be done to repair it.
Anyone knows what to do>
What experience do you have with Maslow to get this replaced.


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A never before seen by me experience. Send a email or PM to @hannah and I guess you will be not disappointed.


Thank you for the reply. I did sent email to @hannah already.
Waiting for her to reply.


Whelp, I’m definitely in the most recent batch- finally got my maslow together today and in the middle of calibrating it for the first time I had the same issue. Right most IC and heatsink fell slap off the board. What next? Any impatient folks tried reflowing it? or should I just wait for @hannah to holler back?

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im checking email right now! if you’ve emailed me with your issue then i will definitely get back to you :slight_smile:


Tried to reflow, the chip may have been damaged when it hit the floor. RT motor and z axis may share the same chip. Both fail testing.

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