Water cool kit and plates

I saw a water cooler kit and plates to keep the chain on the sprockets . Is this a good idea? Does the machine get really hot that it needs a cooler?

No. It doesn’t.

Do you have a link to this kit?

I saw one for sale on eBay awhile back… here it is…

Hmmm. Still no. We have had no problems with our stock Maslow.

The three problems mentioned in the ebay listing are really non-issues:

  1. The circuit board is just hanging there.
    In our kit there were screws and plastic spacers to attach the Arduino to a board or something.
  2. Knocking the chain off the sprocket is way too easy to do.
    Not really.
  3. The heatsinks are insufficient and fall off.
    Not really. Ours haven’t fallen off yet.

By all means buy the kit, but it’s not necessary. If you did have any of these problems, or any other problems, there are probably simpler solutions.

Thanks to all. I was just wondering. I figured that if I needed this cooler, the forum would have put out an alert . My chains have come off, but not for a while and that was due to operator error.


I’ve got that kit. It works well. Probably not needed for the newer drivers though, I don’t think. The old drivers were being driven quite close to their max current / thermal load, and were being passively cooled with stick on heatsinks that had a tendency to fall off. After my heatsink fell off for the second time I got that kit and haven’t had an issue since. From what I’ve read, the newer drivers have a higher max current limit and large heatsinks that are actually soldered to the board or drivers, so shouldn’t have that issue anymore.

Apparently those people have never seen a car get crushed from stacking shit on the roof like that.

If you’ve got the original, I made a box for it: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2771930
I use a zip tie to hold the box together and that keeps the heatsinks on.

I’ll make another one once I find/build/buy the TLE driver board and I’ll make it a bit more flexible (now that I’m up and running again, I want stop/go buttons, some lights, and a tool-touch plate).

I did that back when I was a college kid, the car was rough enough a few more dents and scratches didn’t matter. Lucky it didn’t all go flying all over the road.