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WebControl Actions Menu Not Respond

From time to time the ACTIONS menu will not respond. All of the other menu headings are selectable but the coresponding sub-menu items will not respond either.

Anyone else have this problem?

that only happens to me when the server has crashed. If you refresh the web page, does it reload or say server is unavailable?

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I should also add that I noticed webcontrol was reporting my CPU load at 13% (its normaly 25%) and no connection to the Arduino.Yet I could execute move commands via webcontrol and the sled would respond. I tried rebooting the RPI and power cycling the arduino. I could load the page from my laptop and at first it would look ok but as soon as I selected a menu the CPU load would drop to the 13% and the connection to the controller would drop. Also, I wasnt recieving any indication in webcontrol on the current sled location (red crosshairs).

To answer your question more directly, when I reload or refresh the webpage I get the webcontrol webpage put the menu features dont function and its not reporting sled position.

I think I resolved the problem though. I suspect it was a corrupted .json file. I copied over the backup .json file and webcontrol started functioning normaly after that.

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good thing you had a backup…

I’m speculating here that I guess the next best thing would have been to delete the json file and let it recreate one, which would require a bunch of settings to be verified, but could work. If you did that, it might make sense to disconnect the arduino, change all your settings, then reconnect the arduino so any default settings aren’t pushed to it. Someone will have to try that one of these days.

I am no coder, but i was a decent system admin at one point. If there is one thing I know its to always have a backup :slight_smile:

I think you were correct in your assessment though. I crashed the pi couple of times and thats what may have done it. Hopefully, I now have those problems resolved.