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WebControl for Windows Beta

Are you able to scroll down on the phone display?

TL;DR: Update the firmware using Actions->Upgrade Holey Firmware. I think your calibration is fine.

WebControl thinks you are running stock firmware because the holey calibration firmware you are running doesn’t do anything to indicate that it’s holey calibration. It reports back the same version number as a stock firmware. This isn’t a problem when you are running a version of ground control that’s only compatible with holey calibration. However, webcontrol is intended to support multiple firmwares, so each firmware needs to report what it is. In order to do so, I modified the ‘stock’ holey calibration firmware to report a different version number (basically, added 50 to the stock version number). Since the version number being reported is 1.27 or so, webcontrol thinks its the regular stock maslow cnc firmware and therefore disables the holey calibration functions. If you upgrade the firmware using webcontrol, the version number will be set appropriately (51.27 or so) and webcontrol will recognize it. You may need to reimport groundcontrol.ini, but I think you’re fine as it is. Note: if you go back to using ground control, you will likely get a version mismatch error… just reload the original holey firmware and you’re back in business.

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The actual version works very well. :slight_smile:

I do not want to put pressure on you, but is the 32 bit version for Windows still an option for you? :wink: I don’t need a release date, I’m just asking.

I think it depends on how easy it is to get a 32-bit version of Windows running in a VM of some sense on my Win10 64 bit machine. After I complete the migration to pyinstaller, I’ll take a look and see what can be done.

Thank for your feedback. Let me know if I can do something for you. I could “lend” you my 32 Bit machine. :wink:

I really need it as a virtual box vm…

I’ve posted a new “test” release for WebControl that includes the ability to update itself. This version doesn’t add any new features beyond the updating capability. If you are inclined to help out and test whether/how it works, please feel free and report issues either here or on github. Please read about the release when you go there… there’s some important things you need to know.