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Webcontrol Maslow Settings clarification question

Just reading over it, it looks like it is a height of the chain, but is it the ring radius? the default is 139, which lo.oks like the ring radius. I think the the value in my system is wrong at 92, but I wanted to ask.

Is “vertical” with respect to the floor (+ 15 degrees) or the Z axis (-75 degrees)? Technically neither are vertical, but they are perpendicular to some surface… (asking for a friend ;))
EDIT: kind of like this (picture lifted from another post - arrows added)

What you really want is this distance:


Basically the software needs to know how much distance is added to the chains

That setting is legacy setting for quadrilateral linkage. Its not used for ring system.

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not to be confused with this setting:

Thanks. That clears it up. I found that I had a root copy of .WebControl and a user setting and running development code was using a different calibration, so i did a difference comparison between the webcontrol.json files and that number seemed way off and I don’t remember ever changing it.

@madgrizzle is correct. My apologies for the misleading information :grimacing:

Bar, you and I were both thinking similarly based on the description. No worries. I’m going to change the text in my version so it doesn’t throw me off. That change may make it into a pull request if I can ever figure out how to do that.

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