WebControl on Win10

After extracting WebControl-0.906.zip… I don’t know how to launch it . (·#newbee)

Rob theBuilder https://youtu.be/oPjnMisPen8 says he gets an .exe file – I don´t. (yet?)

I found a shortcut.zip in a forum post (thanks @Grizzle) – but have no clue where to paste or link it – localhost:5000 opens (whatever that means) but the page is not found.

Going back to GC – after a complete PC rebuild – has failed (because I haven´t managed to hack openGL on Win10 yet).

Ditto for Linux (same machine, other partition) where I falter at the gates of GitHub when trying to install GC from command line (UbuntuMATE, latest) (error codes regenerated on request, “unexpected argument” after gh command)

Any ideas on how I can get back “in control” somewhere, please?


Under the releases 0.94 there should also be a single file version to download for win$. Click on assets. https://github.com/WebControlCNC/WebControl/releases

Download the source, extract to a folder, open e terminal in that folder and start GC with -> python main.py. If python3 is your default, start with -> python2 main.py (this assumes python2 is still present).

rob the builder… that is me. to get webcontrol, clidk on the release link on the right side of the page:

Then grab the win10 (64 bit likely) single directory version

unzip and run the webcontrol.exe file

Githug used to have a tab on the top for releases and it was easier to find. At some point they moved it to the right and I couldn’t find it either.

you made my day! thanks!

I got Windows to work - Linux not so much: It fails to load browser. Browser manually :0000 opens on the same IP as the machine - but its not stable.

please can you look for clues in the log here and guide me ?
web control errors and trials.odt (17.4 KB)




Thank you for the hint. @Orob ! I cant see the forrest for trees any more…

Thanks also for the video - I am finally making progress.



I was actually referring to CG on my comment on linux, but did not specify that, sorry. Happy on the route that got you further. GC is officially stalled on development, so WebControl is the way to continue.