WebControl- How do I clear old GCode files from the 'Open G-Code' Directory?

I now have several years of back projects uploaded to the Open Gcode directory, and would like to clear to old ones out. Is there a way to do this from the Browser?

Separate Issue:
I was prompted to update webcontrol on the browser the l on WebControl, which I did, and when it refreshed I can no longer log into the Maslow.

Did you ever find an answer to this? I didn’t find a way to remove from the browser so
I logged in as pi and searched folders with WinSCP but I still see no Gcode folder or nc files.

in winscp, you go to your home folder (/home/pi/) and then navigate to the .webcontrol folder (need the “.”) and then into the gcode folder. All your setting files and gcode are in the .webcontrol folder that is hidden.

I did check there but my gcode folder is empty. I also have a sub folder in the webcontrol browser which I can’t find in putty or WinSCP.
Do you have any other suggestions of where to look?

check another user. when it starts is it running as root? if so, look there.

I have not yet found a solution, either. Maybe we’re due for a firmware / webcontrol update?

Thanks Orob, That’s where it was. (Palm to forehead)

Glad it helped. It took me a few botched cuts to realize that the calibration was coming from a different user account. Long story. In the end, I deleted the root .webcontrol and changed the startup script to run as the pi user and then it was easier to access.