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Windows10 OpenGL 1.0

Can not load GC,windows10 shows OpenGL1.0 by default. But my graphics card can handle OpenGL4.1

Try WebControl, GC is not up to date with the latest softare and is behind WC in

David Lang

I followed the instructions for installing the arduino, and firmware to the arduino. That was no problem. GC just wouldn’t install.
How does web control work? I don’t have any clue

You can grab it from here:

Thank you for all the help so far. I managed to get my maslow functioning. The issue I am having is that when using web control, when looking at the screen, the machine moves Asif I’m looking at it from the back of machine. What am I doing wrong?

I am anxious to have this machine start cutting some designs I’ve got. But first I need to cut a new sled

check that you don’t have your left and right motor cables switched.

David Lang


Or it could be an issue of choosing top feeding vs bottom feeding for the chains

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I’ve just got back into trying to use this machine. I admit I’m lost when it comes to creating anything. Which software do I use to create drawing and convert to gcode.?


This is a question that is almost like opening a can of worms, and I say that not to scare you off or intimidate you, but there are many options out there for this, and it will come down to how much time do you have to learn, as well as how much money you want to spend for them. With all that being said, here is what I can offer up:

Lets start off with a few definitions: Drawing is also know as CAD - Computer Aided Design, and is the basics of creating your design. The most common file outputs you are looking for are .svg or .dxf (that is what I am familiar with and I hope if someone else here knows of different file types, please correct me!!).

To save me some time retyping everything, I’ll direct you here to this post. There is a lot of info there as to what programs do what and some of the costs associated with some of the programs. Some of the paid software do offer trials, but may limit you on the capabilities you can do with it. I hope this helps!

note, svg and dxf are 2d formats, the maslow is limited in what it can do 3d,
but it does have the capability to cut 3d (as long as the sled doesn’t fall into
a cut)

but Rick is correct that there are three steps

  1. make the model of what you want to cut (can be in any program, as long as it
    can output a format the next step can use, I know people who use blender as well
    as lots of CAD programs)

  2. convert to gcode (CAM, Computer Assisted Machining). Many CAD programs
    include the ability to do this built-in. There are stand-alone programs that do
    this (including cloud based ones like kiri moto). Early maslow documentation
    referred to a flash based cloud CAM package, but since flash is dead, that
    software is dead as well

  3. run the gcode on the machine

David Lang

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