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Windows10 OpenGL 1.0

Can not load GC,windows10 shows OpenGL1.0 by default. But my graphics card can handle OpenGL4.1

Try WebControl, GC is not up to date with the latest softare and is behind WC in

David Lang

I followed the instructions for installing the arduino, and firmware to the arduino. That was no problem. GC just wouldn’t install.
How does web control work? I don’t have any clue

You can grab it from here:

Thank you for all the help so far. I managed to get my maslow functioning. The issue I am having is that when using web control, when looking at the screen, the machine moves Asif I’m looking at it from the back of machine. What am I doing wrong?

I am anxious to have this machine start cutting some designs I’ve got. But first I need to cut a new sled

check that you don’t have your left and right motor cables switched.

David Lang


Or it could be an issue of choosing top feeding vs bottom feeding for the chains

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