WebControl Releases for Testing

Release to fix the logging issue is out.


@madgrizzle, awesome job on building/improving WebControl!

After having to disassembly part of my 10ft frame this summer to make room for a new garage door. I finally have everything back together with an extended frame and top beam to 12ft.

I took out my Raspberry pi 3b from the parts bin, flashed it with Raspbian Buster lite and configured it for my network. I then downloaded and unzipped the webcontrol-0.915-rpi-singledirectory.tar.gz file. Started up the webcontrol executable and the controller and motors sprang back to life.

So, time permitting I plan on re-running holey calibration, I previously was running @Joshua 1.25 fork of GC and firmware with great results.


Sounds great! Please upgrade the firmware (Actions->Upgrade Holey Firmware) so webcontrol recognizes that you are using holey calibration firmware. It’s the same as @joshua’s fork with a couple additions unrelated to the calibration model.

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New release that tests out a new help system… please take a look and let me know if there are any problems.

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New release (0.917) is out that fixes the bug that @jamtek found in this thread:


Please do download and use this version because the bug in set sprockets crashes part of webcontrol…

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New release (0.918) is out. Relative minor update (additional documentation has been added) but includes a new avrdude file for linux releases to fix an issue with firmware upgrades.

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New release (0.920) is out. I’m not sure where things went wrong, but triangular calibration wasn’t working so this release fixes it. Also, added GPIO LEDs for testing purposes. I don’t have LEDs connected to my RPI, so I can’t tell if it works or not…

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I’ll test the LED and let you know.

Another release… this fixes holey calibration bug and a few more things…

could an admin please make a webcontrol sub-topic?

a request for webcontrol (possibly backported to GC), could a button be added to undo any ‘define home’ definitions, to revert to the true home?

Easy enough to add as I was fixing other things.

New release (0.923) is out…


@madgrizzle , I installed Webcontrol 0.923 Windows64 single file. It opens in Chrome and looks great. I was able to import the groundcontrol.ini file and all my settings where imported.

But when I try to import a Gcode nc file it does not show on the screen. I go to Gcode, select upload, use browse to select the nc file and press submit.

Then I go to Gcode select open and select the nc file which I uploaded, and close off with submit.

However I don’t see the shape on the screen, when I select Gcode, View/Edit I see a lot of Gcode lines. So it must be there somewhere.

I’m afraid I must be doing something very stupid but I can’t figure it out.

Here Some Screenshots:

Can you email me the file at masgrizzlemaslow at gmail.com

Madgrizzle@gmail.com does not exist. I will attach it here
Knop M8 Ronde hoeken.nc (28.5 KB)

madgrizzlemaslow at gmail.com, but that works as well.

Sorry didn’t read your answer carefully!!!

Well, it shows up on my screen.


So… what browser are you using?

Ah, I didn’t read carefully… Chrome…

So what’s weird is that your display looks a bit different than mine. My “board:” button is blue and I have a tan background where the board is. I did some testing and it looks like there’s a bug somewhere maybe with board data causing the javascript to crash… that would stop the display of the gcode. I’m looking into it, but I suggest trying to restart webcontrol. What version were you using before you upgraded to 0.923?

My board button is also blue when I switch to a tan background. (See screenshot)
This is my first try with webcontrol, I am using groundcontrol V1.26 with no problems.

This morning I started up webcontrol.exe but with the same result, nothing shows.

Ok, I’m pretty sure it’s a JavaScript issue related to the board management aspect. I’ll put out a new release today with something that I think will fix it…