Webcontrol "set current sled position to home"?

I know about right-clicking on the board to “define home”, but I’m wondering if we can move the sled first and then set home to “where we moved to”?

I end up controlling the maslow on my phone most of the time, and the accuracy of right-click is … tricky. But if I could move the sled around and then say “OK, try here as home”, I’d be better able to lay things out on the boards.

Thanks! It’s great to have the machine working. Some chain nonsense with a sticky link that can cause a chain roll-up, but I"m thinking about re-configuring the machine to a top-to-sled version with the slack being pulled down with some mass…

OH, this link showed up after I posted: Using small stock size - #4 by Orob
But I tried that button marked #1 and it seemed to just set the center back to home, not set where the sled is to home… but I’ll try again, maybe I made a mistake…


Of course it worked this time…
Thanks for the psychic push. Lol

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Happy to help :slight_smile:

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