Sled traveling to upper right and stopping instead of following the code

Hi all. I have loaded some simple g-code from Fusion 360 to the Maslow, but it doesn’t seem to be responding. The file is set up to the bottom left of the cutting area and yet the sled will start traveling to the upper right and stop. It WILL however, show on the screen that the bit IS traveling to the bottom left. I can’t tell if it’s a calibration issue or not.

It will also not pause when I hit the pause button. It will only stop traveling if I hit the “stop” button. When I ask it to go home, it has no problem making it back to center. I wish I could say it’s as easy as reversing the travel paths, but idk about that. Any ideas?? Thanks.

You need to get the drawing to be in the center of the cut surface. Or get your sled to the start position of your drawing.
Try hitting the ‘Define Home’ button and see what that does to the drawing. It should pull it back to center.
What I had to do, as my cuts were not being done in the center of the sheet, is used the move buttons to get the sled to the start position on the drawing. then clicked ‘define home’. Now the Maslow knows where to start
Try that to set up the cut. And post back before you do. Also, sending a pic helps

I feel putting every design to the center of a 4’x8’ sheet of plywood would waste a lot of material after a while. I’ve seen plenty of other designs put the corners of sheets to maximize material. With regards to the start position, my origin point in the software is the home position for the Maslow. They both share the same “starting point” technically.

I’ll try the define home button, but again, when I ask the sled to go home, it has not problem making it back to the center of the sheet. Would it be an issue to define home closer to the drawing, but not start at the origin point of the file?

I’ll try to get some photos up this weekend when I’m tinkering with this thing again.

Yes, I agree that starting in the center for a small project would be a waste.
I just did a small project. It was 2 separate circles, each 18" on the outside diameter.
I had to use the move buttons to get the sled centered over where I wanted the center of the cutout to be on the piece to cut. Once it was where I liked it, I hit ‘Define home’ and the image on the screen moved to the center.
This did not change the position of the sled on the machine, just the image.
Now the machine knew where to cut from that starting point
I’m horrible at explaining on line sometimes though

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This does sound like a calibration issue to me. If you click the left arrow button does the sled move to the right? That is a common issue when the the option for chains feeding off the top instead of the bottom is selected.

The stop button will pause the machine immediately, while the pause button will stop sending new commands to the machine however it will continue to execute the commands it has already received and buffered which may be several steps ahead.

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