Webcontrol upgrade from docker

Currently, I have WebControl docker version installed in mi pi, I would like to upgrade to the latest release widout losing the current settings, how do I achieve that, or I have to do the calibration process again

in your raspberry pi folder that has the webcontrol folder, there is a .WebControl folder that you can’t see unless you

$ ls -al

inside that folder is a webcontrol.json file. copy that, save it and you should be good to go. The docker should be able to update though without you intervening. @madgrizzle could tell you for sure though.

The issue is that the docker build doesn’t get updated nearly as frequently as
the non-docker version.

The Docker version was a good first attempt, but I think it’s really best to
move away from it.

there is an upgrade option in webmcp, update the docker version with that to the
latest docker version that’s out, and then see if there is an option to export
your config (this may or may not be exactly the same as fetch the
webcontrol.json file just mentioned)

Thanks @Orob and @dlang I’ll try both options this weekend and let you know how it did go :grin:

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Just upgraded my web control to Pyinstaller Release v0.927 looks good and imported webcontrol.json I’m going to test it this weekend, by the way, I would like to understand all these options currently I have been using stock firmware

or is it better to use holey firmware?

and thanks @Orob your reply in RPi Web Control for dummies really helped me out


Holey firmware is a different way of doing the caliration, it has a lot more
data a lot further from the center and in theory is FAR better than the simple

In practice it seems to be better as well, but we don’t have enough people
speaking up and saying that it’s working better for them that we are willing to
make it the default yet.

make sure you have a backup of your config (since the calibaration is different)
and give it a try. Then please provide feedback, how much harder was it to do,
does it give you substantially better results, is anything in the instructions

David Lang

The only thing to add to what @dlang said is that if you want to try holey firmware, then use the one included in webcontrol… don’t use the one designed for ground control because I tweaked it. It should be as simple as pressing ‘Upgrade Holey Firmware: 51.27’ and waiting for it to finish.

The Custom Firmware is something I used… related to optical calibration… and I’ll be removing it soon (no one uses it, nor should they at this point.)

Thanks @madgrizzle for the tip, I’m going to test the holey firmware 51.27 from webcontrol, after upgrading to that firmware do I have to recalibrate?
And if i do, do you have an step by step of how to do it?

Yes, recalibration is required since you are using a new method of calculating position.