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Webcontrol will not launch on Minty Linux

Why is this difficult? Erg!
Fresh install of Minty on a laptop I can dedicate to my Maslow. Ground control install was long winded and fiddly on my old machine so I’d like to try Webcontrol. Still long winded and fiddly but a bit more modern looking.
-Followed install instructions
-made webcontrol executable
-launched webcontrol. It shows up in task manager as webcontrol/webcontrol
-entered /localhost:5000 in firefox and get "File not found.

What have I missed?
Do I need to follow the Linux Autostart procedures or are they optional?
Thanks everyone for your hard work on the code.

replace the leading / with http://

-killed processes webconttrol in taskmanager
-renamed /webcontrol/ to /webcontrol092
-created new dir webcontrol
-downloaded and extracted webcontrol0.94 to webcontrol dir
-executed webcontrol, confirmed with task manager

http://localhost:5000 gives me “Unable to connect to localhost:5000”

If you run webcontrol from a terminal, what messages does it show? It sounds like it isn’t loading completely

I installed it on my “L” ubuntu server (minimal ubuntu setup just upgraded to 18.04 version) that runs kodi from an ssh terminal and it looks like this when I start it:

This is the output that would be helpful.

after running./webcontrol there is some startup stuff then it goes into a loop of trying to connect to controller.

Maslow runs from another laptop with ground control

the controller is the maslow via USB. ( you probably know this). Try the ip address of the machine. I’m not connecting from the same machine, so I’m not getting the error. I’ll go down and try it in a second. if you webserver is trying to connect to the maslow via usb though, then the server is on.

entering http//:localhost:5000 in brower I still getting “Unable to connect to http”

So it looks like webcontrol is running. I have output at the comand line and it shows up in task manager, twice actually (is that normal?). But the web browser doesn’t find the localhost file.

How do I find the ip address of the machine? If I were smarter than I’d think up a better dumb question.

if it’s looking for a FILE called localhost, then you don’t have the http://
there properly, that is a website, not a file.

David Lang


netstat -an |grep LISTEN

and post the results, there should be something listening on port 5000

David Lang

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One of the great features of webcontrol is that it runs as a webserver and as such can be loaded by a phone, by another laptop, or tablet to control your maslow or by the machine connected to Maslow.

A couple quick questions because maybe I didn’t ask good starting questions. Here’s a couple and hopefully some entry-level information.

  1. Is webcontrol running on the machine connected to the maslow?

webcontrol must be on the machine connected to the maslow or it will never do anything other than look for the controller (arduino mega that actually moves the motors). It sounds like you have this part working, but if it isn’t finding the controller, you either need to plug it in or get to the web page and tell it where to find the controller… probably the second one.

  1. Is the web browser running on the same machine connected to the maslow?

the web browser will only open the local host page if it is in fact running on the local computer that webcontrol is running on. Local host isn’t a file, it is a reference to the machine you are using. If you are using webcontrol remotely over the network, then you need to find the IP address of that machine. If it is linux, you can do an config command from a terminal window and it should list out the ip address for the different interfaces. or you can click on the network icon on the screen somewhere looks like two boxes connected or a wifi symbol
and then if you click on the “connection information” item
look for the IP address. in your browser, put the ip address and “:5000”

would be the one for my machine I’m using.

Yep, it’s running on the machine connected to the maslow. I’m typing on another machine tho.

I’m trying to have the simplest setup possible. and failing so far.

you are running this on a windows laptop? (task manager?)

Fresh install of minty linux


more info on localhost here.

this will only work while using the minty linux machine. Once running though you can connect with your phone or the the machine you are typing on now.

After a mighty reboot…
entering the ip address you suggested
I have success!
Thank you a ton!
My original question still stands, why is it this complicated?
Will entering this ip address in my browser always work?
How did you get the above ip address?

I’d really like to run my machine on UGS if I can.

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on most all machines, the localhost term is a self reference that sends the network to the “loopback” adapter that lets you use the machine you are on as if it were a server. The ip address tells the computer to look at itself. It is the loopback adapter. click on the link above I shared and it explains it better.

If you run webcontrol from windows, it will automatically start a web page in a browser once it starts running. Linux doesn’t hold your hand like that as much. Local host works on my ubuntu machine, so it might be a minty thing. Honestly I don’t know for sure why your particular setup didn’t just work.

What is UGS?

I’d not seen the netstat command like that before and it is a good diagnostic. Thanks for sharing!

Universal Gcode Sender
Working on a small GRBL engraver plotter that, so far, is playing well with USG

Thanks again for the hand holding. Gonna tackle it again in the morning.