Please Help webcontrol down!

Running Ubuntu. I had webcontrol going and my power cut out. Now I can’t get it to work.

Please help.

I’ve never seen that one before. But all versions of webcontrol will grow the log.txt and alog.txt files indefinitely. If your log file is too big it will crash the system. You can rename log.txt to something else and see if it will start. The log itself may have some answers for you. Or you can delete it and see if that was the problem.

Well I messed up with a new z motor and matched up colors. Hope I didn’t fry anything.

The feedback when I tried to move it shut down my computer. After I rebooted and tried to start webcontrol it gave me that error.

I opened webcontrol from a different user version before I caught the motor wiring mistake. It shut down my computer again and then I couldn’t start webcontrol again.

I found my wiring mistake and started your beta version (only version that’s left on my comp that isn’t corrupted). It works now with the new motor.

So it looks like the wiring mistake sent feedback to my computer and shut it down while corrupting the program.

I really hope I didn’t mess up Arduino or shield

Tried to redownload from GitHub webcontrol .94 and I’m getting this

One of your files is corrupt and it might be one in the .Webcontrol folder.

You rebooted the system? It thinks the webserver is already running. When you run htop, do you see any python or webcontrol processes running? If so, scroll down and kill them with F9. Then try to restart webcontrol. Is webcontrol trying to automatically start so you have two programs accessing the same config files?

Rebooted the system. Webcontrol is downloaded and works in a separate profile that I created. But would very much like to get it back working on my main profile. I copied the working webcontrol and .webcontrol folders and pasted them in my main profile. Getting this when I try to run it. Something had to get corrupted.

That is normal. You need to go into the web page now and select the serial device so it will find it instead of keep trying the wrong one. Did you fry the port?

ttyACM0 is usually the first port.

Webcontrol isn’t opening up in firefox. The port works fine in under the other user i created.

So you are running the browser on the same machine? Can you load from your phone if the server is on your wifi?

Browser does open when you click on firefox, but webcontrol doesn’t open it or appear if Firefox is already running. I’ll have to check from my phone tomorrow. I started calibration on my other profile on the same computer. Everything seems to be going fine. I don’t want to take up too much of your time and it will probably be faster to call this a lost and transfer all my files/programs over to the other profile. Thanks for the help though.

In your bad profile, rename your .Webcontrol folder to some other name then copy your .Webcontrol folder from the good profile to your bad one and see if it fails. If it works, copy your bad webcontrol.json settings file and try again to see if it is the webcontrol settings file or some other profile setting.

Did it. Also re installed it. Same issues as the screenshots.