Webcontrol just stops

Twice today Webcontrol has just stopped on me. No errors, no strange terminal messages.

Anyone have any suggestions?

we don’t have any info to go on, but if you restrt the pi to get wc up and
running again, there is a button to make a diagnostic zip file thatyou can
download and send to the developer.

David Lang

  1. What is on line 5689 and 5690? Do you have any contraband codes like R’s that will cause it to just stop?

  2. Did your stop button flash (sled not keeping up)?

Today I had my sled stop and move sideways instead of up as it was going, then the stop button started flashing and it kicked a “sled not keeping up” error. I thought that was messed up because I had set the error super high a while back so that it wouldn’t give the not keeping up error. I tried to lift the sled and it was stuck. I thought the bit was jammed or something… it turns out that the z axis cable hooked part of the board below and it cinched up. The cable held the sled until the system stopped. Releasing the cable it continued fine, but after all that, is your sled hung up and not keeping up?

  1. Do you have another error message? Do what dlang suggested and Actions->download diagnostic file

CleanShot 2020-05-10 at 11.01.30

Data attached. I was not watching closely, so I can’t say as to whether I had keepup issues, but nothing out of the ordinary occured IRL other than I noticed an extended pause in movement.

My diagnostic file upload fails around 11%. Is there a upload size limit?

What am I looking for in the logs? I’m not seeing anything obvious.

The gcode doesn’t look crazy to me. The log will show any error messages, but it is going to take some time to sift through it since it logged from when you first turned on your system.

@cmullins70 You have “Not connected” displayed on the screen indicating that the browser has lost network communication with the Rpi. This would explain why you don’t get an error as it cannot get reported and logged when network fails.

Are you using at least 1.5A power supply for the Rpi? Can you try another power supply?
If using Wifi do you have good signal? Could you try using Ethernet connection and running the same file?

Using the official pi power supply 3a). WiFi that has not been a problem so far.

That said, my power quality was ugly yesterday. Router rpms fluctuating wildly. So I definitely could have had an outage.

Maybe time for a UPS for my “budget” cnc.

Well, if it happens again look for the “Not connected”.

The log files can get really big if you’ve been running for a long time. Mine was ~550Mb yesterday which will be a problem to upload and will certain hit a limit. You can clear the log to start fresh. Make sure you have the current log file saved on your computer just in case. The do Action -> Clear Log.

Otherwise you can uncompress the saved zip file and open the log file in any text editor. You can then copy and paste one days worth of log entries, save to a new file, and upload that.