Cook's Build Log

Jewelry box I made for my wife, I used a 1/4 down-cut spiral bit for the box and for the carving of the butterfly I used a 90-degree v bit.

I designed the box with fusion 360 and used carbide create for the v carving.


so you cut the box out, then flipped the lid and carved it?

what did you do to round over the edges? (just sand them?)

it’s good to get images of small projects as well as large ones.

David Lang

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yes I cut the box out and then flipped the lid and carved it

I used a palm router with a 1/2 inch round-over bit

how did you hold it to carve it with the v-bit?

I used a foam double-sided tape I had in hand, but you have to clean very well the surface


That is some stunning workmanship. Nice job!

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FROZEN themed night lamp :sneezing_face: