Vw van door signs

A friend of mine became a father again a few weeks ago, so i decited to make a name sign to put on the kid’s door, then the big brother got jealous and i made a sesond one.
It was some plywood i had lying around with a very dark top layer. I cut off 2mm, but i guess. 0,5mm would have been fine too. I’ll try that next time.
The letters, and some small details i did with fusion’s engrave function and a 60° v-carve bit.


That is some beautiful work! I love how the two tone colors came out!

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those look great. Pretty new into reading about this - what is ‘fusion’s carve function’ ? can you point me to more info on it?

I meant engrave, you set a v-bit, and it automatically changes position and depth so that that an irregular shape is nicely engraved.
It’s a nice function if you do very small details that are too narrow for a normal bit. You can see examples on the left one, where the supports on the roof rack are. And on the right one it’s the line under the front window.
Also the letters on both vans are engraved.

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This is AWESOME! I love how this came out.

I assume he means Fusion 360. I purchased an online learning class for Fusion 360, but keep procrastinating to finish it. Fusion 360 seems to be what everyone is going to nowadays, whereas I feel like I just got a handle on Google (now Trimble) Sketchup.

I’m great with sketchup, i still use it regularly, but mostly when i work with sheet goods. That way i’m sure i didn’t make any calculation errors.

Fusion is an entirely different type of cad, i absolutely love it for completely diferent reasons. The draw first and add measurements later is actually quite practical once you get used to it. Also, the cam in included, so no scaling errors when exporting and importing in a diffrent package.

You have pots and pans in your kitchen, they are quite simlar, but while you can fry an egg in a pot, a pan is way more practical. And making soup in a pan is damn near impossible :slight_smile:


These are awesome and I love that they’re the 1967 or earlier body. I had a 78 as my first vehicle. It needed more help than I could provide but what a wonderful experience!

I got no idea, i just googled “vw van vector” :slight_smile:
Got simlar experiences with my first car, great fun, but didn’t work more often then it did.