What do I need to build a Maslow w/Z-axis?

I’m unable to find a FAQ or the like that answers this so maybe someone can help…

I want to build a MaslowCNC with Z axis capabilities. What do I need to build it besides the basic kit and the Z-axis kit. Does the Z-axis kit include a ball screw or otherwise? I’m not understanding how it works with the rest of the CNC so I don’t quite get how it fits into the grand scheme of things.

Any help appreciated…


Welcome to the group. You supply the router, we suggest the Rigid R2200. This has a lift system included the Z axis kit fits to.


Z axis Build instruuctions

in the wiki and :

Reading List depending on what options you are using

Let us know if you still have questions.

Thank you

Thanks. Go figure that just 2 minutes ago I found the FAQ containing what I was looking for. I paid about zero attention to the “More” menu item for some reason.


It’s all good

Thank you

you also need the wood for the fame, exactly what wood depends on the frame
design you use

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