What do to with all the saw dust? Make planters

Hey I saw this great video (not my channel) using saw dust to make planters. The tutorial shows using wood glue and saw dust to turn it into a MDF like material. Then using molds to shape the materials while they dry.

They look pretty amazing! My old problem is I dont have any sawdust yet to try it out on. Would anyone in the Seattle area want to donate some to me?

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Thanks for sharing… Make sure you use waterproof glue if you are watering your plants in these pots. Doing this would be a while new project to learn the mold process as well as the mold design and mixture composition. Best of luck to you. Please share if you end up making something.

We’re in the Seattle area and I’d donate some, but I just emptied my dust collector last week so we don’t have much at the moment.

I’ll post an update next time we have a full bag and you can grab it if you want.

Consider reaching out to local Sawyer in your area. Ideally someone with small business operating trailer sized version of Portable Sawmills | Wood-Mizer USA

Couple years ago we had multiple large yard waste cans filled with sawdust leftover from ~8 10’ trunks being turned into slabs and building/project dimensioned lumber by a trailer Mounted sawmill (rented fancy $40k mill for $1k, that included guy to operate and use his backhoe to lift/position logs), let me know if you want link to pic/footage, interesting experience (am on the East side across from Seattle).

We spread the sawdust around to act as natural weed suppression (starves weeds/plants of nitrogen, by pulling nitrogen out of soil as sawdust breaks down, or something…).

Sawyer guy said he regularly has more sawdust than he knows what to do with, you’d be doing them a favor if you coordinated time and place to roll up with trash cans to fill and take the sawdust off their hands.

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