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What is the correct z axis pitch for a modificated z axis?


Hello everyone,
I just finished my modification of my z axis.
I installed a c-beam with a ridged router. It works amazing but I have to change the pitch setting because the depth are not right. Does anyone know the right setting ?


not unless you tell us what lead screw you purchased.

David Lang


This is the one I bought it doesn’t say any info about the lead screw



That picture says it’s 2mm per rev

David Lang


That screw has a pitch of 2mm, that’s the distance between threads, and it has a lead of 8mm, that’s the distance of travel for one turn. Choose 8mm for the setting, as it will be used to calculate how far the z axis moves in 1 turn.


good catch, I saw that it was 4 start but didn’t remember when replying.

David Lang