Z axis thread pitch

Recently bought this z axis upgrade and I’ve finished making mounting brackets and so on.
Now it’s time to do test cuts but I have one issue.

I’m not sure about what the thread pitch I for the new z axis. Wondering if anyone can give me some direction, I know it’s different than the stock one that came with rigid router.

I will post pics of how I did the setup once I do test cuts.
Thanks in advance

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usually when you buy a leadscrew, it tells you what the thread pitch is. do you have a link to the site you bought that from?

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most of them are 8mm diameter with 2mm pitch. what router will you mount to it? I think I remember a post wit the r22002 mounted to it and the base still mounted to the sled to help guide it and prevent excessive wobble


I purchased on eBay and the post doesn’t show anymore. It’s been a few weeks since I purchased it.

I have the rigid recommended for Maslow. I used I think same post you mentioned as reference on how others have done it.

I used wood glue and screws and it seems to be secure but I haven’t installed on Maslow yet.


found a couple like that picture on ebay, all of them have a 2mm pitch 4mm lead, which indicates a 2 start leadscrew.

i think the number you want to put into the maslow is the lead number, so try 4.

if it was a 4 start leadscrew, then the lead would be 8mm (lead is pitch*starts)


I would sugest that you turn your Screw from one end to the other. Count turns and measure travel. Then devide and you have your pitch.


Which Z axis beam and motor did you buy?

It’s 300mm, not sure on the motor I’m not using the one that came with it. I bought this one on Amazon, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0792S11TG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_k55MBbSVQE8S6