Z-Axis move in oposite direction

Hello, just assemble and start the new CNC, When I want Z axis to plunge it raise and vice-versa. I can’t find setting to reverse direction.
I don’t use the RIGID router, I have a Haussman.

Thanks for your help

in settings, change z-axis pitch to -3.17 instead of +3.17.


Ok did work thanks. I have a new problem with z axis, will open a new topic.

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What is the pitch exactly doing, if i may ask?

it represents how much the z axis will raise or lower with one revolution of the shaft. Think Thread pitch of a bolt. The easiest one is a 1/4-20. 20 threads per inch on a 1/4" diameter shaft. The software attempts to keep track of where the z axis is by knowing how far it has rotated the shaft. By having that setting, you can modify or change the axis pitch and make it move faster. It will only go faster if you change out the shaft to a different pitch. it is not just a software setting.

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Such a great info. Really helpful. I thought my motor is on wrong wires and i should cut n swap to change direction. But thnx you saved it.