What is the motor name/company so I cam buy a new one?

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Does anyone know the name of the motor included in the maslow specifically the left x/y motor. I think that mine is broken so I need to buy a replacement… also, if anyone could link me any videos of how the gears are arranged… that could be very useful as I would like to take it apart and put it back together again to make sure it is broken.



The company is Etonm, the motor ET-WGM58A-1260, but they don’t sell single as far as I know.
A search in the Forum will give you suppliers for the motors and the gears. A insight of the gears is here:

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typically it is one gear that fails inside. we have the spare gears too for a couple of bucks. you’ll need to take yours apart and send a photo of the broken gear so we can make sure it is correct one.

My guess is this means ‘These do NOT include the sprocket’?
A motor without the gears would be kind of pointless :wink:

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Correct… however I am in the process of taking it apart in “hopes” to find the broken gear

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If you find a broken one, this might be it


If anyone needs sprokets we can help with those, or one can buy on ebay for a few dollars. We’ve only sold a few of these spare motors. Most people just buy them for back up and thus already have the sprockets.


In order to inspect the gears effectively I think that I need to remove the factory lubrication… what is this lubrication/what could I use to replace it later on?


Yup I think that it’s broken…

Edit: Could someone please link me this specific gear if possible?


it might be covered under warranty from who ever you bought it from. regular white lithium grease will work at any auto store. there are some plastic gears in the gear box so don’t just throw any old lubricant in there.

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Cool! Thank you very much! I know that earlier you linked the two motor w two chains but would you happen to know where I could get a single left motor?

Anyone have an idea of how long I can expect my plastic gears to last? Of course usage will affect life of gear, but I’d like to know about how long they typically last.

surprisingly it’s a metal gear that fails , not the plastic ones. It’s impossible to know how long it will last because IMHO failure might be related to a bad frame or bungee setup.

If you do these 3 things then it will help them last longer

  1. periodically open the gearbox and add grease if needed.
  2. The shallow angle between chains when sled is in top center of the plywood stresses out the motors the most. Raising the top motor mount higher than 18" helps. or simply avoid cutting at the top middle
  3. counter weights for chain tension.
    good luck.

I think that my setup as well as how I often operated on the far extremes of the work-surface also shortened the lifespan of my gears. That said, I think that setup plays a big part in the longevity of gears. (I have a photo of my setup somewhere ^^)

once one motor fails the other one probably is not too far behind.