What type of screws are used on the z-axis shaft coupler?

I am using the standard Rigid router in my Maslow with the z-axis kit.

One of the grub screws that holds the shaft coupler to the router has come loose and gotten itself lost.

My local big-box hardware stores don’t have this type of screw in stock, and my best (local) alternative is a industrial supplier. Trouble is they don’t have a wall of bins that I can raid to find the parts I need and take them to the counter.

What I am looking for is a description of both screws (I figure both types of screws will be prone to loss, and having many spares would be good)

Can anyone tell me what the salient properties of these screws are?

you can just buy an entire coupler 6mm on one end and 8mm on the other

the sad thing is you can buy it from chinafor $3, which is cheaper then you can just buy the screws in the USA.

if you really want to buy just the screws they are socket head cap screws, metric, not sure of size I’d guess M2 or M3.

These are the ones I got: