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What was the problem with the steel ring and the chains attached to rollers design?


I am wondering what was the problem with the initial steel ring design?

How and why the steel ring design ended up as it is in the current form?


when the ring is made smaller it forces the two chains to move and thus the motion is smoother.

about 1.5-2 years ago the linkage arms and the ring kits were simultaneously being developed.There was never any scientific analysis done. Things are tried and if they work they are used. the ring kits were sold first is the reason they are popular.

the linkage kits are much easier to make . you drill the 4 holes of a NxN sized square. then you drill 8 bars with two holes spaced Nx1.41 center to center distance apart. then you bolt it together.

It mostly came down to the cost to manufacture. The original design with the bent ring there would be pretty expensive to make to tight tolerances. By laser cutting the ring from steel the ring could be made accurately and cheaply. If you want to build your own by bending a steel rod, it will be just as precise as the laser cut one as long as you can get a consistent bend.

This explains a lot. Thanks.

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