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What would I need to change? [1st cut]

So I made my 1st cut (after a bit-less test run) - Used the Candy Cane outline from MakerMade.

There are a few questions.
As you can see in the pic the thing starts really shallow (2.something mm). thats fine, I almost expected that as I didn’t set the depth properly. Shrug, an outline is fine. Alon the top curve, something happened and the bit went much deeper, and all the way through (11mm). the got caught and the bit snapped off sideways.

Any advice on this? Is it the router speed or z-depth?

Is the bit collet tight?

Yeah. My buddy reckons it might be the uneven-ness of the OSB board - the bit might just be randomly hitting dense patches, and getting dragged in.

I’m gonna grab an MDF sheet to try on that

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there are only three ways to have the depth of cut change

  1. the motor spins to change it
  2. the bit is loose and extends from the chuck
  3. the router comes loose from the mount (on a ridgid router, this is the orange
    clip popping out of it’s slot)

to fix this, you need to figure out which of these happened. It has nothing to
do with the material you are cutting.

David Lang


I know that the 1st time which broke the bit, the z-axis randomly just went down. Still no idea why that happened, every ‘dry run’ since has been fine and I’m using the same Gcode file.
The router is solid, I know that much
Must the the bit coming loose in that case.

Another day another attempt later tonight.

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