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When do I use the "SET HOME" button

My machine somehow got way off and everything was crooked. I completely recalibrated my machine. I think it screwed things up when I used the “Set Home” button to tell my machine that the corner of my workpiece is where I want to start. after I cut out my shapes from my workpiece I need to return to the position I started before after I change my bit. My question is when do I use this button? My set home position is not the center of my overall workspace. my home position should be the corner of my piece of wood that I want to cut as shown on my screen… Any help would be appreciated.

if you are using makerverse, you will only use set home when you calibrate. You will want to use the x,y,z axis work position zero for setting a temporary “home.” If using webcontrol, you can set home whenever you want and it simply relocates the origin location of your cut.

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Interesting distinction @Orob I didn’t realize that the “set home” words meant something different in makerverse

I made a video about it because so many people had issues with it. Makerverse is very much a different animal and more closely functional to the industry grbl processors. When I played with it, I fought that a bit and it made no sense. The set home button was later changed to “reset chains.” because of that.

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