Home Setting does not work

I have finally setup my M2 and I am in the process of calibrating. Everything works fine till I get to the part of setting home for the machine. The moment I touch any of the orange or blue buttons of the x,y or z axis my rotor assembly with bricks start descending straight down and no matter what i do it does not stop even when it has gone completely off the board.
The only way I can stop it is by hitting the red reset button.

I have tried over and over but nothing seems to work.
Please help.

One other thing I am not sure if its important but my values for x y and z for machine position or work position do not change at all and remain 0.000 no matter what or where the machine moves.

Hi Asher!

I had the same problem, I followed the makermade video and he touches the X/Y/Z buttons before to set home, and this is the problem. Every time you plug your M2 you need to pres “SET HOME” BEFORE to start moving it manually.

I hope it helps :slight_smile:


What does “HOME” mean in the context of the M2? Is home 0,0,0 and is the center of the board or is it the workspace offset?

I’m scanning through the source code and not seeing it… does the firmware store in EEPROM the chainlengths or, after every power cycle, you need to move the sled to the center and rehome it? Might answer my question above.

Set Home just sets the current machine position as 0,0,0.

Whenever the sled moves, it’s position is written to the EEPROM so the position is always know and can be homed after a power failure or loss of connection with the software.