Where do you change the cutting speed in Ground Control

I want to slow my Maslow cutting speed down to 700 from 800. Under what menu in Ground Control is this located? I know I have seen this in the past, but can’t seem to find it now.

Is it ‘Advanced Settings/Max Feedrate’ that you are remembering? That would do it.

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@blurfl is right that you can change the max feed rate to limit it, but usually the speed is set in your CAM program when the gcode file is generated


I have been using VisualCAMc plug in for Onshape. It seems that it will always goes to max feed rate. I have set the feed rate to 10 or 15. But it will get up to 31inches per minute no matter what I set it too.

Will test this soon

Thank you

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can you post a sample of the g-code that it produces? it may be that there’s
something going on in the g-code that we aren’t understanding that’s causing

David Lang