GC feed rate adjustability

Hello folks,

Just curious here. Does GC have the ability to dust feed rate on the fly when running gcode (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)? I’ve found that this would be helpful when running files with new cutters and or new materials. If it doesn’t, will it in the near future?

Any input here is greatly appreciated.

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If I understand your question well, you seek for a way to scale down the feed rate listed into the Gcode? To my knowledge, ground control does not offer this feature. But if it did, I think you would want to scale down the spindle speed along the feed rate to avoid starving and overheat the router bit.
Yet the maslow CNC firmware does not yet provide a spindle speed control… About this, you might want to look at this thread.

Hi c0derpr1sm,

You are correct. For my setup using the rigid router, the spindle speed is manually adjusted via the speed selector dial on the top of the router. I would adjust speed manually with respect to feed adjustment. I’m not aware that there is or will be an adjustable selections. I would like to have the ability to scale down the feed rate to help dial in cuts. Or is there a way that macros could be created to allow for feed rate scaling?

Perhaps @bar or @dlang would have some input here.

I believe that this is already supported or nearly already supported with the “servo” option for controlling the router through an aux port. I have not used it personally though

I’m fairly confident this is not an option right now. I think the “simplest” method is to modify the feed rate component of the gcode on the fly… its possible, but it doesn’t seem trivial to implement.

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