Whick version window and F engrave

I thinking of buying a Maslow, just trying to get the gist of what version windows to use.
also looking into F engrave to do signs with

I use Windows 10, but you should be able to get away with most versions. The only limitation is that you need a graphics card which has at least Open GL 2.0 (which was released in 2004)

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These days W10 is your best choice. W7 is about to hit end of life, no security or other updates. W8 continued the every other version worked well, so not worth a new install. While everybody days the current version of Windows is cr*p and some previous version is better that’s been going on since W3 (W1 wasn’t quite there).

With a little googling you can still find directions on how to honestly update 7+ to 10 for free. Yep, it’ll still have the occasional way to WinHoze you, but that’s been true in every version, and likely every OS since GM-NAA I/O for the IBM 704 in 1956 (and no, I was in kindergarten and never used it)

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