Maslow logo window stickers - NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Sorry, I thought some people would like these stickers to show their enthusiasm for their Maslow but I misunderstood the open source concept. I have since cancelled the ebay listing. The people that ordered one will get it as I have already shipped them. Sorry again for any inconvenience this has caused.

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Let everyone know you are a Maslowian with a window sticker on your vehicle.

This is a vinyl sticker similar to those family stickers you see on every suv or mini van.

Size is about 7 3/4 wide by 7 7/8 inches tall. If you want it smaller let me know and I will create a custom ebay listing for you.

Currently the regular sized sticker is going to be $5 postage paid (price may change based on actual mailing costs - I have not mailed anything in several years so I am not familiar with the USPS charges for 10x13 envelopes)

Sorry but international / Alaska / Hawaii mailing is not possible (sorry but I am cheap and lazy and everything I ever sent to outside the continental US would end up getting destroyed in transit or just never show up - this mainly happened on stuff sent to Ukraine)

here is the current ebay listing
Removed by Jim due to cancelling the listing


Ordered two!

This is where the Ownership Rights come into play? I would have offered many diffrent products but I was told the logo and name were the one thing Maslow would be retaining rights to clear derivatives only.

Thank you

Sorry I’m late to the game on responding to this one! (I was out of town for the weekend because one of my best friends is having a baby)

This absolutely has my blessing! We’re working on figuring out how to let everyone use the Maslow logo for this kind of thing right now, until we have an official system I absolutely give you permission to make these. This is the kind of community use we want to encourage!