Why does ground control put my code/drawing off of the workspace

As you can see in the picture, my drawings from the gcode are being place WAYYY off of the workspace for no apparent reason. I have tried to use older verions of GC, but they all do the same thing. I am going to try and work with it as is and hope for the best.

btw, this is version 1.25

edit: i did some playing around with it and it put itself where it needed to be.

where is 0,0 in your CAD program? on the Maslow (and in GC), 0,0 is the center.
I suspect that your CAD has it elsewhere.

David Lang

What did you do to recenter the imag on the ground contfol? Having the same problem Generated the gcode in Easel. Thx

You are looking for the “define home” button over on the right hand side, or if you press and hold anywhere a menu will come up

Having the same issue. Using Inkspace for Gcode. Has anyone figured this out?

0,0 is either the center of the frame or wherever you set the “home” position to. If your gcode is made such that it starts at, say, 10-feet to the right, then it will show 10-feet to the right of the 0,0 position. Where do you have the 0,0 position defined in your gcode?

It also places a 5 inch object as if it is 5ft.

In the gcode, on line 7, G20 tells it the units are in inches. Then line 12, it instructs the machine to move 22 inches to the left and 76 inches upwards… placing it well off the frame. So in inkscape, you need to set the origin properly. As for scaling, you need to get the scale right in inkscape as well. I won’t be much help with either as I don’t use inkscape for gcode… sorry.

Thanks. I’ll take a look.

yes. The issue in inkscape is where you place the orientation points. There is a wiki post on using inkscape for gcode. I use inkscape regularly to create gcode and it works very well, but I also use webcontrol instead of ground control. Be sure your drawing and display units in inkscape are in inches or mm, whichever is the same as the units you are using on the maslow. Also when you generate the gcode, you may need to have that in your “header” file (located where you generate the gcode file) so maslow knows from the gcode what unit you are using (G20 vs G21). It has been a while since I set up my header file, but it sounds like you are generating in mm and trying to cut in inches or generating in pixels and trying to cut in mm. Either one can give a scale offset value. perhaps that will fix your issue with this gcode.