Wooden Mandalas


My girlfriend asked me if I could make a wooden mandala on the Maslow, so that she could paint it.
I thought this could be a good opportunity to test the engraving and trace features on Fusion 360, so I made these mandalas.

I was very pleased with the end result.
Awesome machine!
Awesome possibilities!

The engraving on the first one came out a bit burnt but this actually makes me think: is there a special tool for Engraving/burning? Is it a very bad idea just to use over-speed?




Om mani padme hum

What a wonderful piece of Art!
Are you planing to fill it?

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I don´t actually know how they will be finished. That will be my girlfriends part… She hasn’t seen them yet!

What do you actually mean with filling? Is it like using some sort of resin?

I’ve seen colourful resin here and grauting (more for the first picture with thin groves)




Yes, this is interesting. I will have to research a bit about this.

The 12 ‘leaves’ and 48 pockets can be a clock and/or calendar, but the tricky part of the clock is that you don’t want to cover the center, so an LED light strip clock would come to mind and since there are no straight lines to the numbers, organic arrows is the solution :slight_smile:


Your project looks great well done :grin:

What router bit did you use please?

Thank you! :slight_smile:
For tracing and engraving I used a conical bit (90°). This one:


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