Working with Woodfill 3D printer Filament

~ 18 inch across Mask Sculpture
I’m about to do some experiments of my own. I was looking up Woodfill Filaments on Amazon when I realized, I bet a good amount of Maslow users are unaware of Woodfill. It’s a 3D printable PLA filament that in some cases has actual wood fibers and smells of burning wood, some is a foam that looks like wood. The point of Woodfill is once printed it behaves much like wood. It can be sanded, painted, stained, glued and screwed. This opens up a wide range of applications for couplers and fasteners for custom installs.

There are some Woodfill manufacturers that suggest variations in temperature hot enough to discolor the wood fibers can give a real wood grain effect.
Some suggest you should use a larger diameter nozzle such as a .06 mm over a standard .04 mm nozzle. However many report no problems using there .04 nozzle.
If you have a 3D printer you might give it a try. I’m told Hatchbox makes a good Woodfill Filament. Currently it’s on Amazon with same day shipping for Prime Members.

Thank you


I completely never saw the is tread, how strong are the objects made with this? Comparable to mdf, or is it more of a gimmick.
This is the first time i’m concidering getting into 3d printing. Plastic and metal sure have their uses, but wood is where my passion is at.

I’m thinking handles for cabinets, things in wierd or irregular shapes that the maslow can’t handle, complex board game pieces.
If i had the patience or skill that my dad had i’d just carve everything, but sadly i don’t and my skills are more in the electronic age.

It is as strong as PLA. It is a perfect complement, think of making custom buttons to cover a pocket screw that looks like an acorn. To fix an imperfection or add material. Or in my case for work holding I can print a tapered pin. I can plow right through it and even leave it in the finished piece and paint, sand, stain. So much possibility.

Thank you