Would these be of any use to use?

I just came across this. I know it’s a bit pricey. And with my minimal knowledge I’m not sure how to incorporate it. Just tossing it to the wolves.

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Short awnser, no
Long awnser, noooooo :slight_smile:
Unless you are drasticly gonna change the concept of the maslow i don’t see where you would install these.

I know it would drastically change the function. Putting the maslow on rails seems like one of the steps to making it that much more useful. Just a thought.

Rails for the Maslow have been discussed early on in the forums. They can be used in conjunction with the current set up, but the redundancy in using them, and the added cost, will be unlikely to result in a substantial improvement. That said, one of the original reasons for considering rails was to enable more extensive 3D carving on a large scale as the rails would alleviate Z-axis changes in the router due to work piece topography. No testing with the current mechanics have been done as far as I know, and by the time all of it was worked out, the cost and complexity might be similar to other gantry type CNC machines, thus making the modification moot.

Don’t be discouraged from trying it, though. We’d all like to see how it goes. You just might not get a lot of collaboration.

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The rails, sure they can be used, i just assumed the lead screws were gonna be used too, basically turning it into an ordinary cnc.
I was the one who sugested it originally for 3d carving, but so far i haven’t even installed my maslow, so i’ve got a bit of a learning curve ahead of me :slight_smile:
but i believe it can be made cheaper then $1000

The stock Maslow can definitely be done for under $1000. I have yet to cut anything with mine, but it is built (though I have yet to finish my final sled. I finally got the steel cut and delivered this past weekend), and with some additions that upped the price, but even so, still well under $1000.

you could build a CNC using those parts, but it would not be a maslow. It may perform better, and it may be a new class of machine, but it’s not going to be a maslow, and the maslow firmware would not work for you.

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