Wrong user (cannot access this installation) from windows machine

I have always had log in issues but eventually I would always get in. But now this is no longer the case on my new machine.

Repro Steps:
I have installed 1.1.3 on my mac. Then upgraded to 1.1.5. Everything works fine with the occasional log in issues.
I am now using a windows machine so I directly installed version 1.1.5 on to my windows machine. When attempting to log in from my windows machine I am unable to log & receive the below error message.
“Wrong user (cannot access this installation)”

User is not wrong as the same credentials were able to get me on from my mac.
I do not want to create a new account as this account has all of my calibration settings already installed.

Is there a work around, solution or reason for this error message?

Thank you

guest mode?

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Thank you. I just deleted the .makerverse file & logged in again, so a new file can generated.

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you didn’t need to delete. you just add a line to the file you had and tell it to allow guest access… like here

If you’re still having issues logging into Makerverse, Please submit a support ticket, so we can log it, we’ll be glad to help you.

You can also check out the latest M2 software This will use the same system as Makerverse without the need of logging in. You can find MakerHub v1.2.0 beta release at:


Some important notes about this release:

  1. The v1.2.0 build only fixes the login issues that many users have experienced. For the community, please ticket other issues/bugs (details below). Some builds have been reported not to install correctly. We suggest a complete uninstall and reinstall of your older Makerverse packages.

  2. We have a new development partner. Some users must manually override your security settings to allow an unidentified developer - this is important for MacOS and more recent versions of Windows.

  3. The name change comes as MakerMade has recently taken a new direction - stay tuned for more updates!

We invite you to please ticket all issues into GitHub here:


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Instead of using the previously mentioned guest mode I just created a new .makerverse file. This did the trick & I was able to log in. Thank you