X and Y motor placment

Hi All,
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I’m considering a Maslow for my Micro workshop due to the obvious space-saving design.
However, I have a serious design constraint. The size of the workshop itself.

I have downloaded the standard frame design as a step file and imported into my CAD application where I’m laying out my exsisting tools and planning the placement of new tools and I have a potential show stopper.

The arms for the X and Y motors extend beyond the interior dimensions of brick walls.
My first thought was to reduce the height of these mounts along the axis they are mounted on to bring them within the walls, but I suspect that may upset the geometry of the machine.

Has anyone else had this issue and how did you overcome it?
If not any suggestions on how I can modify this machine to fit my workspace?

This is the workshop plan view for context

we have a spreadsheet that lets you play around with the maslow dimensions and
figure out the forces available to move the router around.

this lets you see how effective it is with different options.

shortening the top beam will reduce the effective cutting area (by the way, that
looks like the original frame design, not the updated versions with a solid top

if it’s going to be against the wall of your workshop, you can hinge the machine
to the wall to let you get it a little more out of the way when not in use.

use the spreadsheet, figure out how far apart you can have the motors, and then
shrink the workspace until the min force is at least as good as the stock design
(and you may want to try to use less than that)

this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to cut a 8’ long workpiece if your
motors are 9’11" apart instead of 10’ apart, just that the stock maslow design
is already iffy in the bottom corners, so you may have trouble getting accurate
cuts there.

David Lang