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Y axis not responding, X and Z working fine

Please pardon any frustration that might leak through these comments. I have been reading a learning considerably more than I had anticipated, and now that I feel ready to cut my first real piece, I have encountered the issues described below. Machine details are at the end of this post.

The commands to move the sled up and down are NOT working.
The commands to move side to side ARE working. The Z axis is also functioning.

Steps I have already taken:

  1. I have read everything I can find, but do not see this problem addressed.
  2. I have checked all cables, and that the computer boards are seated firmly.
  3. I have rebooted computer, and cycled power to the boards.
  4. I have performed a motor function test.
    I don’t actually know what to expect, or how to check if they passed the function test. The sled did move in all directions, and the Z axis motor functioned, so I assume it passed.

After running the Motor Function test, I now get an Invalid Chain Length error. This error will clear, but immediately returns. So, before I can continue to address the initial problem, I will need to get past this new problem.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Purchased Maslow Complete Kit from East Bay Source
Note; The instructions stated NOT to update the firmware, that it was shipped with most current stable version. However, it also came with instructions to use GroundControl, which now seems to be obsolete. So, I am suspect of the first claim about the firmware.

Windows OS
Arduino mega 2560 r3
TB6643 control board
WebControl Version v0.94 License V3
Final Build, Calibrations were successful, and a test piece cut correctly.
Z-Axis Installed
Metal Ring System

Thanks for the super complete post. It sounds like you are doing all the right things so lets figure out why the motor isn’t doing the right thing.

You should see some text over in the feedback window which will say if each axis passes the test. The fact that both motors moved in both directions is a good sign that we’re probably not looking at a hardware issue.

I think this is our issue. The software is having a hard time computing the correct chain lengths with the given information. Probably one of the settings for the spacing between the motors or the size of the ring is funky. Can you post what all of your settings are?

Thank you for this reassuring reply. Upon checking my settings for this post, I see that my Motor Offset has reset itself to zero, so I suspect this could be my problem. Which begs the question of how it is now zero, when I know at some point it had a value. Likely, some button I clicked along the way, but I would like to know which action caused it???

I will check to see to see if the Motor Offset Height fixes the issue once the day cools off a bit, in the meantime, I created a couple of images that should help to tell my Maslow story thus far. I would appreciate any comments that might help smooth my road.
Many Thanks

My Maslow Settings:
I built my Maslow frame a bit smaller than the norm to accommodate space issues. I also defined the work area to be smaller than the actual work surface, to help with issues of the sled tilting as it got too close to the edge. Now that I am thinking it through, that seems unnecessary, since the sled will always be riding on stock. Anyway…this is what I have for now. (:
Workspace Dimensions

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